Friday, October 7, 2011


My "cotton picker" creative life has been interrupted somewhat with my preoccupation with dogs. Six months ago, we adopted two rescues, a beagle/coonhound mix and a terrier mix. In addition to our own dogs, we started fostering as well. Since hubby and I were inexperienced dog owners, we thought by fostering, we could not only help deserving dogs find homes, but by having contact with many dogs, we would learn more about canines.

This summer we had the privilege of fostering three dogs and fortunately we were able to assist in placing them in forever homes. I was so happy to know that the Australian shepherd, Cosmo, and the beagle, Tinkerbell, ended up in good loving homes. We know because we have had follow up contact with the owners.

Below is a picture of Tinkerbell in her new "daddy's" arms. For privacy reason, I had to crop out "daddy" but trust me, he has a look of extreme pride in his face.

The most difficult part was the fostering of a black chihuahua named Frankie. I fell so in love that I desparately wanted to keep him. As much as I tried to plant the idea in hubby's head and even had some of my friends drop hints at him too, he would not go along with a third permanent dog in our house. Although a number of times he agreed that Frankie was special little guy, it was not to be. I never took a picture of Frankie because it was too painful to be reminded of the dog I couldn't have.

Come next spring and throughout the summer, I expect to have another parade of dogs in our care.

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Summerset said...

Good for you! My parents work with an animal shelter and do similar work - at times tough, but very rewarding.