Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have gone weeks without blogging before. If I don't have anything to say, I don't post and I don't feel neglectful or guilty about it.

Today I am going to write about Cosmo, the big dog on the left. This wonderful dog was at the rescue shelter for five months with no one interested in adopting him. When we approached the director at the shelter about fostering, we were assigned Cosmo. Neither hubby or I would have chosen him, had we been given a choice in the matter.

It was explained to us that often when a dog is fostered, they get adopted shortly afterwards. Well, dear Cosmo was only with us for two weeks and then found his forever home. We met the couple who adopted him and we approve. :)

I can't believe that after only two weeks, I could fall in love with a dog so quickly. I wish we could have kept him, but we already have two dogs and three would be too much for us. We will continue to foster other dogs.

I was going to crop the picture so only Cosmo would appear, but I thought our terrier, Della, top right, looked so cute that I didn't want to cut her out completely even though she is cut out anyway.

If you double click on the photo, you will get a better view of these two cuties. :)


Belinda said...

I must say that I admire the way you could take an animal in and love and then have to say goodbye, I would be heart broken as I am sure you are. I can tell you took great care of him. Good luck with any more animals you take in, they are lucky to have you. Belinda

Healing Woman said...

Cosmo is a cutie Inga. I'm not a dog lover, as I may have told you. I'm actually a bit afraid of them. During my class here last week, the chef and another student had her dog with us all week and guess what? I did great with them and even liked the little fellows! Maybe there is hope for me. It must be hard to let them go when you get to love them though. 2 weeks is plenty of time to bond with a dog I think.