Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happens Every Summer

What happens every summer?  The blog posts get fewer and fewer because there are other things to do outdoors in good weather.  During the cold months I spend more time crafting and posting.  I haven't been totally idle in that department.  Here's a Dotee Doll I made for a recent swap, with the theme being 'summer'.

The doll is made from pieces of  old floral sheets and the "tail" is part of an old dangle-y earring.  I love the earring but it's not the kind that suits me, however, I think it suits the doll just fine.

The second item is a simple flower, again cut from an old sheet.  I have been collecting pretty sheets and pillow cases from thrift stores for a while now so I have quite a large stash and endless ideas on how to use them.

In my previous post, I showed a preview of the Garden Goddess doll I made.  The full picture is stored on my other computer which at the moment is not cooperating.  As soon as it is working again (fingers crossed), I will post the picture of the full size doll.