Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Post For May

Today is the last day of May. I thought I had better post something to my blog lest I should lose my readers.

First, I have to show you a most beautiful Icicle Doll made by Dot of Dot's Life and Art, the creator of the Dotee Doll. I am happy to say I had a very small hand in this lovely creation. Dot set the silvery blue face I made for her in the most wonderful complimentary fabrics and embellished it with her exquisite beadwork. I just love it. I want to thank Dot for allowing me to use her photo.

In my previous post, a whole month ago, I had hoped to share my boot fabric tank top in a "few days". Well, I'm afraid to say that didn't happen - yet. I simply am not motivated to sew summer clothes when the weather is still too cold. Nor am I motivated to model them for you when my skin is still too pale. But today is looking promising. Finally, my kind of weather has arrived. It's warm and it's humid. Most everyone I know hates the humidity, but me and my skin embrace it. So let me try it again and say that I hope to be able to model the top for you in a few days. (Fingers crossed).

My efforts towards weight loss are paying off. Of course I wish the number on the scale was lower but I cannot deny that I am making progress and that last years' summer clothes are fitting me better than they were a month ago.

There are only 18 days left before I leave for my European trip and now I must pull out all the stops to make sure my clothes fit nicely. Provided I don't give in to rich foods on my vacation, I should be able to shape up further with all the walking and sight seeing. The good thing is that for the 10 days that we'll be in Scotland, we will be based in a bed and breakfast with a full kitchen. That way I will have better control over our meals. I don't want to have to rely on too many restaurant meals not only because of the expense, but because restaurants mostly serve you too much fat, sugar and salt. I haven't a clue what to expect in the way of food in Estonia, but hopefully I will be able to muddle through the 6 days without doing too much damage.

In case it sounds as if I obsess about food, I should mention that for personal health reasons, I eat a diet devoid of animal products and added fat. Mostly just whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables with the odd departure. Vacations can be hazardous to my health if I stray too far for too long (which is what happened to me last year. I became ill and it took me a month of extremely strict diet and rest to recover).

And now, before it starts to rain here, I must go outside and soak up some of that lovely humidity.