Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lazy Dog Days

Our place has really gone to the dogs.  In this post on March 30th, I talked about our foster dog Nigel.  Since then, he had been with us for five weeks.  The maximum time we are allowed to foster according to the rules of the rescue place we work with is six weeks.  Then we must return the dog to the rescue farm if it does not get adopted.  All our other fosters were never with us for more than two weeks because they always found their forever homes within that time period.  Not so with Nigel.

Of course, the longer I had him, the more attached I grew to him.  After the third week, someone did show interest in him.  When I got the call to bring him in for an appointment with a potential adopter, I got a very deep knot in my stomach.  I realized I didn't want to give him up. Well the appointment never materialized and I was able to "relax" for awhile.

I kept dropping hints to hubby that we should adopt Nigel too but he kept saying the two dogs we already have are enough. When it came down to the wire, I poured my heart out to hubby about how awful I felt having to give up Nigel and he finally agreed.  He said he could see this coming and kept saying no, hoping I would change my mind.  Sure, he would have been happy with two dogs, but he likes Nigel too so what's one more?

So I officially signed the adoption papers on May 15th.  The strange thing is that after I signed the papers, Nigel knew.  He had an attitude change.  Perhaps he picked up on my happy vibe, but he just knew.  It's as if he said "I can drop the act now.  I'm not a visitor here anymore.  This is my home now."  Too funny.

Below are some pictures I took today of my lazy mutts.  :)

 Nigel - Newest family member (American Eskimo)

 Della (Terrier Mix)

 Alba (Lemon & White Beagle)

Nigel with Alba in background