Sunday, October 9, 2011

Garden Goddess In Progress

It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Where I live (in Southern Ontario) the weather has been unbelievably mild for October. Too nice to spend any time anywhere other than outdoors. And so I was out in my yard all day.

I thought it was about time to continue working on the Garden Goddess I started in the spring. All I did back then was cut the plywood outline with a scroll saw and even then, it wasn't me who did the cutting. It was hubby, although I "helped" by holding the plywood steady and making sure he followed the line.

The Garden Goddess is 4 feet tall. I had planned to nail her to a tall post in my garden. It just didn't happen this year. Now I'm determined to finish her tomorrow as the weatherman has promised to deliver another gorgeous day.

As much as I have things worked out in my head, I always run into snags. The plywood has knots in it and wouldn't you know that one landed smack dab in the middle of her nose. I guess the only solution is to try and cover it with a lot more paint. I have already added layers of paint but the knot keeps busting through. I just don't want her to have a wart on her nose.

The other problem is that I am not a skilled painter. I am working with acrylic paints. I like them because they dry quickly. I hate them because they dry quickly.
Anyway, tomorrow I will add more leaves and paint the background a dark colour. I also have to do some more work on the face besides dealing with the "wart".

All in all, it was a fun day. :)

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Healing Woman said...

She's turning out lovely. It will be spring again before we know it and I'm sure you'll have a beauty to show us in your garden. Love those eyes.