Friday, June 1, 2007

A Cool Top For Summer

Here's a neat photo of a top I made before leaving for a vacation in Tennessee and Kentucky 10 days ago. I figured it was going to be hot - a great deal warmer than where I live, just an hour north of Toronto - and I was right.

The photo was taken at the Lucy Desi Museum in Jamestown NY on our way back from Kentucky. Being a diehard Lucy fan, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit the museum.

The top is Simplicity Pattern 4536 from the It's So Easy Line, but it appears to be out of print now.

The top was very quick and easy to sew and I love how open it is around the neck. It was extremely comfortable to wear in the heat. This was supposed to be a wearable muslin. I used a remnant piece of cotton that my dear friend J got for me from a thrift shop. This cost me nothing to make except for the pattern. I love the colour and print on the cotton - reminds me of a feed sack print - and works well with blue jeans. I like the pattern so much that I will make at least two more of these tops for the summer.

The line drawing on the pattern envelope is misleading. It looks like the front neckline is square but in fact it's slightly curved. Although I prefer a square neckline, I do like the way this looks as well. I'm very pleased with this project.