Monday, December 20, 2010

Fabric Garland

I made a fabric garland to decorate the entrance into our living room. This is easy to do and it was all made with fabric that has been sitting in the stash for a long time. I got the idea from Robin Olsen's wonderful blog(Rough Around the Edges. Here's the tutorial. Note Robin's is all precisely cut and measured. Mine on the other hand is a total mess. Just ripping and snipping. I didn't even bother changing the thread in my sewing machine - just went ahead and stitched it together with the brown thread already there. And still it turned out great.

I will ask hubby to hammer some nails in the doorway so I can string up some lights. And then I will weave the garland around the lights.

We are not that much into Christmas but I do enjoy the lights and decorations during this dreary time of year. Very soon the days will start to get longer again. :)

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Robin Olsen said...

This turned out fabulous! I had to laugh when you described mine as all precisely cut and measured--that's the beauty of photographs. :) I can't tell yours is stitched with brown thread either. This makes me want to go make some out of colors now.