Saturday, December 18, 2010

Craft Day

My friend invited me to join her, her sister and niece for craft day. Every now and then they get together and work on various crafts. Today's crafts involved mosaicing, making Christmas gift tags from old cards and making a cloth doll. Normally I would be stitching, but since I didn't have anything ready to work on, I remembered some beautiful washi papers that I received for Christmas last year. I decided to make some paper stars.

They are not quite finished yet. I wanted to scan them first before I apply a coat or two of glossy Modge Podge. I don't think they scan as well under high gloss. The top three are part of a trio. I will probably glue some sequins to the bottom ones.

What a fun time I had working on these. Some of the washi papers are so beautiful that I hate to cut into them, but then I think, it's not much good to have the papers stuffed away in a drawer. I hope to have some time tomorrow to make a few more.

Thanks to my friend for inviting me and thanks to hubby for tidying up the house while I was out "playing".


Healing Woman said...

They don't look a bit like paper to me? They look just like cloth..especially the one with your signature face on it..I really like them.

Hoola Tallulah said...

They are beautiful Inga, and what a lovely hubby you have!

baukje said...

They are beautiul.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

You found a great use for such gorgeous papers!

Summerset said...

Just lovely - you should enjoy some of those pretty things you have.