Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sculpture by Cheryl Dolby

My birthday plans went awry. Hubby came down with food poisoning and was in pretty bad shape for a while. A day later, I got sick and couldn't do much of anything but sleep. I'm not sure if I had the same thing as hubby as our symptoms were different. We both recovered as quickly as we got sick and are fine now.

I have two much more pleasant things to share. One is an unexpected birthday gift I received, from which, I created an Easter card. That I will post on Friday.

The second is this impressive sculpted clay planter that I purchased from artist Cheryl Dolby of Roanoke, Virginia. I loved it instantly when I first saw it on Cheryl's blog but it's even more striking in person. Is it beautiful?


Healing Woman said...

Thank you Inga for posting Coosapoonakeesa. I can tell that she now lives in a wonderful home there with you. I was relieved that she arrived safely and surprised that the thyme made it all the way from Virginia to Canada and is still living! Love the profile shot you took of her.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Happy, happy belated birthday, Inga! The sculpture is beautiful. Love all those kitties you made, too.

Jasmine said...

Cheryl's work is wonderful isn't it! Belated birthday greetings xJ