Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21st (My Birthday)

Cotton Picker is a year older today.

I received a beautiful birthday gift of calla lilies.

A view from my bathroom window.


Belinda said...

Inga I was wishing you congrats on your blog having a birthday but is it in fact your Birthday? If it is Have a wonderful birthday if it's your blogs, then happy birthday to your blog too lol silly me

Cotton Picker said...

Belinda, yes, it is my birthday. It's my fault because I was not clear in my original post. I hope my edit is clearer.

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Inga!I love Calla lillies.That color is exceptionaly pretty.

Healing Woman said...

Happy birthday Inga. I'll bet you are listening to opera as you gaze at your lovely Calla's.

Jill B (jilleebee) said...

Happy Birthday!
Beautiful flowers :-)

Creativehands said...

Happy Birthday Inga!!
Enjoy your day and all those to follow.
Remember, "You're not getting 'older'; you're getting BETTER!"
Cheers, Lynn

Maggie R said...

Inga.... Hope your birthday was wonderful. These lillies are so gorgeous...
Thanks for sharing

Summerset said...

Happy Birthday! The flowers are beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful day and a wonderful year to come.