Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

In my previous post I mentioned that I received a very exciting and unexpected gift for my birthday. I am now the owner of a huge supply of washi. I had never heard of washi before, have you? It's special paper from Japan that can be used for many creative purposes. I have a great variety of colours, prints and textures. What I particularly like is that I can stitch on this paper too.

This joyful little bunny and background is made from washi.

Have a Happy Easter and go easy on the chocolates. :)


Healing Woman said...

She is adorable Inga. I think I've used washi before. It is a type of Japanese rice paper I believe. Great for texture as you have shown here.

Anonymous said...

Adorable Inga!Kalo Pascha,Happy Easter in greek!

Summerset said...

So cute!