Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aqua Red Doll

What's this you ask?

I don't love her, but I still kind of like her. I was experimenting. I don't always post my experiments. It surprises me when I create something I'm not entirely happy with, others seem to like. For example, I got a lot of positive response with my Trillium Dotee and that was my least favourite Dotee doll (not counting my first two disasters). So I'm posting the Aqua Red Doll. Maybe you'll like her.

This is the best photo I could manage given the indoor lighting conditions of the day. I would have gone outside for the photo but there's a new killer crop of vicious little mosquitoes out there that attack the minute you step out the door. The colours in reality are quite a bit deeper and more dramatic.

The problem is that I think that the shape of this doll looked good flat, but once I stuffed it, the shape changed. I guess the more I look at her, the more she's starting to grow on me.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh, I like her! Maybe she just needs some embellishment around the edges . . . beads, ribbon, silk flowers?

Summerset said...

I like her. I think it's just because she's not the usual shape that she looks so different. The colors you've chosen have great contrast - I love that.

wjcatnip said...

I like her too! The shape is actually what strikes if she's part of a little mountain...strong and sweet all at the same time.