Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This is my last Dotee doll (for a while). I made this for a swap with a local theme. We had to embellish the doll with something representative of the city, state or country that we live in. I live in Ontario, Canada so right away I thought “Trillium”, the official flower of the province of Ontario.

Well, I had a devil of a time with the trilliums. I lost count of the number of flowers I made. Nothing was working with this doll. My house is littered with a trail of trilliums. :(

Finally, I just had some petals and leaves growing out of her head. Not what I envisioned in the beginning but the best that I could come up with this time.

My house has been a construction site for the last week or so. We ripped out the bathtub and replaced it with a fully tiled walk in shower. We also built a wall to wall closet in the bedroom. It's been difficult to do anything creative with all this going on. It's nice to have had the break. Now I'm itching to get on with some more fabric art.


Jacky said...

The trillium idea is great and I think whomever receives your Dotee Doll will be very happy!
Hope all of your renovations are finished soon. We need some doing in our bathroom too, but have been putting it off for a while... better just get into the retiling I suppose!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

I had no idea that trilliums are the official flowers of Ontario -- see, you do learn something new every day! She's sweet.

Cookie Sunshine said...

a sweet little doll.