Sunday, December 9, 2007

Icicle Doll

I finally got around to making one those Icicle Dolls that I've been eyeing on so many crafters' blogs. Credit for coming up with this wonderful idea goes to Belinda Schneider of Luxembourg. If you should want to make one yourself, Belinda has generously provided a tutorial which you can find here. You can find many fine examples of the Icicle Doll throughout her colourful blog.

I am not unhappy with my first attempt, even though my husband said it looks more like an Ice Cream Cone Doll. (Everbody's a critic). Actually, I agree with my hubby's assessment. I think it can be improved by reducing the size of the face and changing the top from a curve to a straight line.

Should a woman of my age be having so much fun with all these little dolls and ornaments? Originally, Cotton Picker was supposed to be about my vintage sewing patterns (of which I have hundreds) and clothing sewing projects. I got side tracked. Now I am glad that when naming my blog, I rejected Cotton Couture and chose the definitive Cotton Picker instead.


Annie Oakleaves said...

i like it!!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your doll is fun! It does sort of resemble an ice cream cone, but hey, that's cold and pointy, as well. Your ornaments are lovely!

Creativehands said...

Having fun at ANY age is what really counts!!
Keep those dolls and ornaments coming...they're very inspiring.

Belinda said...

hello inga! your icicle doll is wonderful, love your face!! thanks for letting me know.

Dot said...

I love it! And have been enjoying making icicle dolls myself.
I think it's great that people of all ages are enjoying making art dolls. I recently did a one on one Dotee doll swap with a friend in her 70's :) We are never too old to have fun!!

johanna said...

i really like your doll! don´t be too critical to yourself - i think it´s just fun going away a little from the original shape!