Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I made a doll and a brooch yesterday, which I had hoped to post here today. The problem is that my best photos are taken outdoors and with the steady snowfall today, there was no opportunity for a photography session out there. Here's the best indoor shot I could manage of the brooch.

The muslin face is sewn onto two circles of red and green felt. The face is encased with red seed beads with three red sequins on the forehead. The facial features are drawn with glitter pens so they do not appear as clear in the photo as they really are. The finished size is two inches in diameter.

I made it to the fabric store today and managed to drive the saleslady crazy with all my cuts of .2 and .3 metres of various cottons for future crafting projects.

The nice surprise in the mail today was a Dotee Doll from my swap partner. I will post of picture of the doll tomorrow.

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