Sunday, October 31, 2010


Looking forward to some chocolate and a glass of wine at our community bonfire tonight, if it's not too cold outside. (We've already had some snow flurries this afternoon). Otherwise I will do the chocolate and wine thing indoors. ;)


Healing Woman said...

We had quite a contrast to your weather last night. It was balmy! Sometimes I go to a local bonfire but it was definitely too warm last night! Snow flurries...I'm not ready for those yet! Hope you enjoyed your chocolate and wine.


Forgot that you were in Ontario. Perhaps we could have linked up on our trip last week! Had a great time even though it was overcast. Would have liked to have stayed for chocolate, wine and conversation! However the conversation might have been a bit slurred. lol

Maggie R said...

Sounds like a good time

Hoola Tallulah said...

Hello Inga, You haven't posted for a while, hoping all is well in your world, looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work <3