Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creepy Doll WIP

It's our busiest time of year as mentioned in my previous post and poor hubby came down with a nasty case of the flu. He had to stay home and rest for three days and I had to play "Florence Nightingale". My TLC seems to have payed off as he is making a quick recovery. Now I am a bit sick and hubby is looking after me.

I was starting to panic since we were days behind with our Christmas orders and I was wondering how on earth we were going to catch up. We are so blessed because my wonderful sister and brother-in-law got up very early this morning to help us with our Christmas inventory and thanks to them, we are back on schedule.

Yesterday I spent some time at my sewing machine working on a "creepy" doll (they are so much fun). Here's a sneak preview. You get to see the finished product tomorrow.


Belinda said...

sorry to hear you and hubby have been sick but what wonderful family to step in help you. Love the colours of your spooky doll. I can't wait to see her in full. Get well soon Inga
Belinda xxx

Healing Woman said...

I'm so used to seeing your cats that I was surprised to see this magnificent looking little doll. I just love her.

Glad you are feeling better. I can just imagine how frustrating it must have been to be sick when you had orders to get out.

I'll check in to see the finished doll..can't wait.