Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Art Festival Finds

I love going to outdoor art shows in the summer. I was fortunate enough to attend a few this year and make some purchases along the way. I thought I would post a couple of fun things I found this summer, plus an interesting sight I spotted very close to home.

First up is a big, fat green frog made by local artisans, a husband and wife team. He searches for logs and bits of wood and comes up with great ideas for turning them into quirky animals. The wife half of the team does the painting. We have bought quite a few pieces from them and Mr Frog is just the latest. Isn't he a giggle?

Last year we had a number of trees removed from our property and kept all the logs to use for camp fires. This morning among the logs, hubby spotted a very large base of a tree about three inches thick and thought it would make a perfect lily pad for our frog and so there he sits.

Next, is a piece of pottery I bought today, both the front and a side view. Now I wonder what could have attracted me to it?

The artist is Alexander Kastulin.

And finally, I found what looks to me like a stylized goldfish on a piece of slate by my neighbour's goldfish pond. Now I know no one put the fish there knowingly, so it is obviously a happy accident. I have no idea what caused this rust stain but I really love it. I would love to take this chunk of rock home but I don't think my neighbour would go for it. ;)

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Maggie R said...

Hi Inga,
The frog is awesome...and the wood slab certainly is perfect..
Love the goblet... that is "You"!!