Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Simple, Stuffed Cat

Remember this cat I started a few weeks ago? I finished her up today. I only had a very small piece of the pretty mustard yellow print, enough for the head and a few decorative circles. The tail is from another cotton print that is a few shades darker.

I considered sewing buttons on the circles but decided to keep it very simple. The doll is lightly stuffed with polyfill. It's mostly hand sewn but I stitched the front to the back by machine. I'm glad I cut a slit in the back to stuff it from the back. This way the front has a nice clean finish.

The photo was taken outside in the bright sunshine so the colours are not accurate. The body is a light beige/ivory print, not white as it appears in the photo.

I think I will enter her in our local fall fair if she meets the requirements (I'll have to review the rules).



Summerset said...

Very cute! Art does not have to be elaborate to be pleasing. I think this one is just right.

Healing Woman said...

She's adorable. She'd make such a cute pin cushion..

Judy Merrill-Smith said...