Saturday, February 6, 2010

ATC - 1950s Style and New Project

The latest ATC didn't turn out how I envisioned it. I thought about not posting it but it's not a bad idea to face up to the failures. Later on when I get better, I can look back and measure my progress.

I thought the background had a 1950s house dress vibe to it so I wanted a face to match. I used an old women's magazine from 1952 for reference, to remind myself how they did makeup and hairstyles in those days.

What I don't particularly like about this is the lady's hair. I must learn to paint hair. And her lower lip could be a bit fuller too, I think. Oh well, I challenge myself to make another improved version.

Below is the start of my latest project. I wonder if anyone recognizes this well known figure from the silhouette.

I started by weaving torn strips of two very similar cottons. I hope to find enough time on Sunday to finish it.


Summerset said...

Love the retro one - the prints and face are perfect.

Let's see, I think I recognize it, but not sure, so I'll just wait until the reveal.

Anonymous said...

Love love the first one toooo cute.Thanks for sharing!