Sunday, February 8, 2009


Thanks for the comments (opinions) on yesterday's post. It seems there was a slight preference for the batik fabric. I went ahead with the bubble fabric and the mermaid before reading the comments, but no matter. I was planning on making another green faced doll using the batik anyway. And I never even thought about a witch, so I can make one of those as well.

The mermaid above is called Marina which to me seems like a perfect name for a mermaid. All the while I was stitching her, I kept thinking of the beautiful mute slave girl Marina in the 60s Supermarionation TV Series "Stingray". That Marina wasn't a mermaid, but she was an aqua creature able to "breathe" equally well under and above water. Anyone old enough to remember that show? No, eh?

The handsome Captain Troy Tempest, I am now learning, was based on the physical appearance of James Garner. I never made the connection as a kid. And Marina was based on Brigitte Bardot. Marina's theme song and some images from the show are in the clip below.


Belinda said...

Hi Inga she looks great I love her and the name Marina suits her well.

Summerset said...

Oh, she looks great. I love that seaweed sort of necklace she has.


Marina is beautiful. You do wonderful work. I found your blog while visiting Susan's blog. Marina and Wind would make a lovely couple.


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Marina is fabulous! The colors you chose are perfect!