Monday, July 28, 2008

Oodles of Jewelry

This weekend I spent my time at the 14th annual Highlands of Durham Games in Uxbridge Ontario, just a short drive from where I live. Hubby has been involved with the organization of this event ever since its inception so you can imagine he was quite busy. I, on the other, hand more free time on my hands and was fortunate enough to check out all the activites such as the Scottish breed dog show, the Highland Dancing competitions and the heavies competitions to name a few.

I also got to check out the vendors' stalls and found a marvellous couple who sell the kind of jewelry that I love. I'm not a fancy person so shiny, glittery stones set in gold are not my thing. I prefer semi-precious polished stones set in sterling silver and boy did she have a large selection with very (I repeat, very) good prices. I say that for the benefit of hubby in case he should read this.

I'm not even sure what I bought except I can tell you the blue ring and blue pendant are lapis lazuli and the coral coloured pendant set in the swirly silver is coral. I could have bought a coral ring as well but unforunately it was too big. The vendor and I are keeping in touch by Email and she will let me know when her new shipment of coral arrives.

I think these earthy colours are so versatile and can be worn with many things in my wardrobe. Just wanted to share with you.

I also finished my second Simplicity 7181 dress which I will post as soon as hubby can photograph me wearing it. I cut out another New Look 6352 and will be working on that this evening. I love wearing dresses and have plans to make a bunch more.


Anonymous said...

Great finds! I especially like the wire wrapped pendant on the left in the first pic.

Maggie R said...

Inga I love the jewellery pieces you chose... They will definitely compliment all those lovely dresses you have made.. BYW How's your back? I hope you are feeling better now.
Made me think of one time my back went out and was so painful.. I told my doctor about it and I said I had done nothing to aggravate it. Well , it was Pre Xmas, and in those days I was making beaded smocked dresses for the shop. I had been sewing 18 hours a day for many days to get things done. I found out you can put your back out by JUST SITTING ... I was "Gobsmacked" The body holds many mysteries!!!! Hope you are all better now ;-}