Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cotton Fabrics Purchased On My Trip

Above is a heavyweight cotton manufactured in Estonia. Because of our busy schedule, I was lucky to find time to seek out two fabric stores. I tend to favour smaller prints. This print is very large. In fact, I didn't have very much choice of small prints, so I went with this one because I love the bold colours and floral design.

Same print as above but in a different colour configuration.

This is a heavy cotton duck I bought in Estonia. I'm not sure if it was manufactured there. I forgot to ask. I love the sailboats and see this as a possible spring jacket.

And now on to the purchases in Scotland. These two beautiful lightweight cotton tartans (Dress Stewart on the left and Royal Stewart on the right) were really expensive, at least for a bargain hunter like myself. But authentic tartans in cotton are hard to find in Canada, so I thought I better snap them up while I had the chance. Hubby thought they were a good buy but then he's Scottish and subscribes to the "If it's no Scottish, it's crrrap" philosophy.

This is a quilting cotton manufactured in England. I am currently into the colour brown.

And another pretty delicate cotton design in brown. I think this was made in America.

I also bought some printed linens by the metre in Estonia which I didn't photograph for this blog entry. I will be making tea towels from them. I still wash my dishes the old fashioned way (I don't like dishwashers) and linen towels are the best for drying dishes.

My next projects include another top and a thank you card to send to all the wonderful folks in Estonia and Scotland who did so much for us and made us feel so welcome.

I will be posting a few photos from the trip as soon as I can get them from my sister. She and her hubby took hundreds of pictures and she said I could share a few here.


Hoola Tallulah said...

OOoooh so many scrumptious fabrics, I especially love the sail boat one, I always was a sucker for sail boats!
Hope you had a wonderful time on your trip, can't wait to see/hear more about it!

Summerset said...

I love those first two large prints! You've purchased a lot of nice keepsakes from your trip and sounds like you had a great time.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Nice fabrics! You'll have lots of fun playing with 'em.