Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back From Estonia and Scotland

Just a brief entry to let my reader's know that I am back from my trip to Estonia and Scotland.

I am too tired to write much today. I bought some fabric from both countries which I will write about soon.

Pictured above is a photo taken at my family's burial site in Estonia, where my younger sister and I delivered our father's ashes back to his native country for burial. This was his wish. From left to right is our Estonian born half-sister, yours truly, my Canadian born sister, and my aunt, dad's only surviving sibling.

(Vasakult paremale, surnuajas, Kaarel'i kolm tütrid ja õde Helmi.)

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Maggie R said...

Hi CP..
Welcome home.... I bet you really had a good holiday. Loved all the fabric you got.... You are one "busy sewer". Your outfits are really pretty.
Did you get your dress done in time?? Love the pattern.....
I was not blogging for awhile but I'm back now and getting in the swing of things....
I enjoyed my visit here and shall be back again very soon... Thanks....