Monday, June 16, 2008

New Project, New Look 6362

This pattern has been in the New Look catalogue for a long time. I made this top twice eons ago. Actually in 1995. I remember wearing one of the tops the very first time we were invited to dinner at my good friend J's house.

In those days, I always cut my patterns according to bust size which fluctuated between a size 14 and 16. I have since learned a thing or two about fitting and now I start with a size 12 and make increases when necessary. This is supposed to be loose fitting so I added 4 inches at the bust and hips. I should end up with a much better fit now than I did previously.

I am making View A, the red pullover one with the short sleeves. It has to be quick and easy right now as I have no time to fuss with zippers or buttons.

The pattern has been adjusted and I'm ready to go. I'm going to try and grab a couple of hours sewing time this afternoon and another couple this evening. I still have many things to do before we leave for our big trip - yikes - only two days away. I hope to post a picture of the finished product, if I can, tomorrow.


Maggie R said...

Hi Inga
Well my gosh have I missed a lot!!!
So you are going on a trip to Scotland. How wonderful.. Do you have relatives there?
It will be so exciting....
I love all the new things you are adding to your wardrobe.. I like to sew my things too. Seems to me it takes the same amount of time to sew something as it does tramping around trying to buy something.
You look fabulous and congratulations on your weight loss..... Not easy but well worth it. I'm afraid while I am on this Prednisone it is a lost cause for me, but I just have to accept it and know I can go back to normal when I am all better ;0}
BTW Congrats on the card making opportunity. Your work is splendid and will be hit I am sure.
Sorry to hear your Dotee went missing. I have no idea what goes on with the mailing system. Does the word "Pony Express" mean anything???? hee hee
I wait weeks for things to come from the USA and other times it is here in a wink.
I guess I better go and do some more visiting. Take care and happy sewing

Creativehands said...

O.K. so I'm not the only one who attempts to make wardrobe additions right before a trip! You're in good company Inga; I got it from my mom.
Have a fun and safe trip; look forward to seeing pictures.

Cotton Picker said...

Maggie, my hubby was born in Scotland and came to Canada when he was very young. We will be celebrating his 50th year in Canada while we are in Scotland.

The missing Dotee did finally surface. It was my fault. I made a mistake in the address and after four months, the Post Office sent it back.