Friday, June 13, 2008

Boot Tank Top

I finally made the tank top out of the "boot" cotton fabric. It is so cool, meaning it feels comfortable in this heat. I'm not sure about the other kind of "cool", but I like it, I gotta wear it and that's what counts.

I did intend to sew brown piping around the neckline and armscye but didn't do so because I didn't think the piping I bought was a good match with the fabric. And in all honesty, the second reason for not doing it was because I would have had to hand baste it in place and I just wanted to get the thing done quickly.

The black floral top I made a couple of days ago was on the snug side so I decided to increase the pattern by 2 inches at the bust and the hips using my favourite Nancy Zieman pivot and slide method. I love that woman!

The check background of this fabric looks really retro. I am thinking 30s or 40s. Of course, the construction boots detract from that look. It really should have flowers or birds or fruit or something like that.

Before I put this pattern away, I think I'll make another couple of these tops and then move on to something else.

A word about the background in the photo. That is the door to my studio, custom built by my very good friend, master carpenter and artist, the late Mike Drane. What you see are holes drilled in the door. I remember the winter's day he and I were freezing in his workshop, cutting out paper circles and laying them out in various configurations to see which way looked the best. This door was the last thing that Mike made for me.

I am grateful that my house is filled with Mike's handiwork to always remind me of him. Mike and I shared a love of music, especially opera, and had many wonderful discussions about music. He was twenty years older than me. I often asked him if he would adopt me. Although he's been gone two years now, I still find it hard to accept.

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