Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ugly (Tacky) Dotee Two

This is the second Dotee doll for the "It's So Ugly, It's Cute" swap. Again, I used some fabric which I'm not sure I would want to use for anything else, those awful plastic dollar store teardrop thingys and the cheap beads. To complete the tacky look, I backed her with a very, hot, hot, pink felt. And then as I was photographing her outside, a gust of wind blew her away and she got a bit wet and dirty.


Creativehands said...

She's kind of got a seventies thing happening; everything old is new again!
Were you able to clean her up or do you have to make another?

creative dreams said...

Hi She is a little prettier than the first although I generally hate anything fluro, I can see she would grow on you, I finished my swap dotee's I just have to send, will post pics when my partner recieves them I am wrapped with how they turned out. Belinda

Belinda said...

not ugly at all!! :) it's a fun fabric and i love your beautiful face

SooticasDream said...

You makes such pretty faces!!! (I'm getting envious!)
I quite like the beads. I think they would look wicked against a black fabric to contrast.
Maybe do a "disco/rave" dotee using them?
I'm sure I had an old blouse made of the same fabric!! :/

littlewanda said...

Definitely a 7's thing going on! LOL