Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Celtic" Fabric Doll Page

This is the second page of my fabric doll book. Hubby, who is Scottish/Irish and knows about these things, says it has a Celtic feel to it. For this one, I again used only fabric remnants given to me by others and nothing from my "own" stash.

I have learned something very important. Do not overlook and discard any fabric just because it doesn't have immediate appeal. I may not like a pattern or a colour as a whole, but when I start cutting and rearranging the elements, it can become something totally different and appealing. It just requires a bit of thought.

Her collar/crown is an excellent example. It's from a 70s? vintage cotton that I wasn't too excited about. Compare the original swatch with the end result.

Since St Patrick's Day is next month, I am going to use this image for my March Greeting Card. It seems so appropriate because it's green and the face, collar, and crown brings to mind a Celtic cross and a four-leaf clover.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

I'm trying to be more open-minded about fabrics, too. I tend to buy bright, exciting prints, but then I don't have many simpler fabrics to use with them. I used to have a lot of disdain for those tiny, tiny flower prints, but now I'm discovering uses for them.

Jacky said...

Your fabric doll pages are gorgeous! The doll pages from Belinda's swap are amazing. You can imagine the excitement opening that package!!!
Love how you are using fabrics that you wouldnt normally use - quite a challenge, but it looks fantastic. I have some pics of all the doll pages I made for the swap. I must dig them out and put them on my blog too so you can take a peek if you like.
Thanks for sharing.

Dot said...

I think this is so great! Love the fabrics you have used. And it does have a real celtic feel to it. I have learnt to never thrown away any fabric now. Never know when I will be able to use it!

Anonymous said...

HI Inga,
I love your Celtic doll today, she is so pretty and the fabric is amazing.