Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Bold Beautiful

Another page for my Doll Book. This lady is BBW (Big, Bold and Beautiful). I had thought about adding some more embellishment to her body, but the fabric is so pretty that I don't want to obscure it. I may just outline her with deep green paint and top it off with some glitter paint. It's a fine line between adding too much and not enough. I'll have to study her for a while and then decide.


creative dreams said...

Hi She really is beautiful. Purple and green together are my all time favorite colours, especially if they are metallic. You book looks like its shaping up to be fantastic, are you going to keep it? Belinda

GraceBeading said...

That she is... and the colors, oh the colors are wonderful. I can see why you wouldn't want to cover up much of that fabric.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...


Maggie R said...

I love the idea of your doll book. Each page is lovely. The colors purple and green reminded me of my first home ec project when I was in grade 8. Gosh that was a century ago!It was a knitted tea cosy and those were the colors. I have liked them to-gether from day one. Nice work.
I also had a look at the portraits of your dear Mother. She was a beautiful woman and obviously very talented. A wonderful keepsake and the framing was so nicely done.
Have a great day

Dot said...

She is gorgeous! I love ther fabric.