Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Making Of An Opera Singer

I haven't had time to finish the Icicle Dolls as I had planned. We had company all day yesterday. My sister and I spent most of the day watching my Perry Mason Season One DVDs. That show first aired in 1957, over 50 years ago. It's not just that we both loved the stories and the dialogue and the black and white of Perry Mason. We also love the fashions, the furniture and the cars from that time.

I didn't pick up needle and thread at all yesterday but after my sister and brother-in-law left, I decided to try out a few sketches for the opera diva doll that I have in my head. The first few drawings were really bad. I had to go sit in front of a mirror and sing a dramatic aria (you would not want to hear my performance) to see what a singing face should look like. After a few more pen drawings, I finally got up the nerve to draw one on muslin.

I wanted her eyes closed and this one is not bad. I will use this for the test doll even though I haven't decided yet whether to make my usual round face or make an oval face.

Isn't the "star" background fabric gorgeous? Maybe it will be her gown. I'll have to leave her for a while though, because I have to finish at least one Icicle Doll tonight. My good artist friend, J, is coming to visit me for a couple of days so I won't be sewing. Or, maybe I will. I'll see if I can convince J to stitch up a Dotee just for fun and post it here.


Creativehands said...

This is so exciting! Thanks for sharing your ideas; sounds like a lot of fun stuff is happening over at your house.

littlewanda said...

Hi Inga...I've tagged you. See my blog!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

I love how your diva's face turned out. Very dramatic!