Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Desktop Tag

OK, Little Wanda. Here's what the desktop on my laptop looks like. I keep this image of me (middle) with my two closests friends on here all the time. On my other computer, I change the image every two or three days.

For the life of me, I couldn't upload my desktop picture according to the instructions on your blog (nothing happened when I hit the Print Screen button), but I figured it out another way.

My friend, J, the dark haired lady pictured in the photo, is staying with me a few days. Later on this evening, we are going to sit down in my studio and do something crafty, which I hope to post tomorrow. And while we work, we will be listening to the wonderful music of Chris Isaak. I can't believe I only heard about him a few days ago. This guy makes the greatest music (and he isn't too hard on the eyes either). Where have I been?

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littlewanda said...

You've only just discovered Chris Issak?! I first got a tape (that's how long ago LOL) about 12 years ago of his album San Francisco Days and have been hooked ever since.

He was in an episode of friends a few years ago and he is rather nice looking!