Thursday, December 13, 2007

Second Star

This is the second star from the same template I made a few days ago. I didn't embellish it very much (just a few coloured sequins) since the fabric is already busy. I love the bright colours.

The heat in my studio is working. The shelving will be installed tomorrow and the rest of the house will be restored to it's former tidy state.

I had a very pleasant visit yesterday with two lady friends who live on my street. The one lady who does not know me as well, asked what I was working on when I mentioned my studio renos. I ran back home (just next door) and brought a few of my dolls and ornaments to show. Then the lady told me she had drawers full of 100% cotton scraps and kindly offered them to me. Now what could make a Cotton Picker happier? If you are reading this, K, thank you so very much.


Creativehands said...

I love her!! She's beautiful!
Isn't it wonderful when people 'donate' things to the 'stash'?
I will post pictures tomorrow of something that you have inspired me to 'create'.
I incorporated some 'legacy' yarn into my project as well; how's that for a sequoia?
You've really made a fun star.

Cotton Picker said...

Ooooh, I'm looking forward to seeing your creation. :)