Friday, November 2, 2007

Sister's Choice

I love to cut out little squares and triangles from pretty cotton prints and sew them together. I'm quite good at it. Where my enthusiasm starts to wane is during the part where you have to stitch the quilt block to the batting and the backing. I haven't mastered the skill/art of quilting and maybe I never will.

I made these pillows which involved minimal quilting and in fact, I did the quilting with my sewing machine. These blocks are called Sister's Choice. The design appeals to me due to it's star-like quality but I think the real reason I love the block so much is because of its name. "Sister's" Choice. I have a dear, wonderful sister and whenever I see something to do with "sisters", it holds a tremendous appeal for me.

The red pillow was made from some cotton I bought to use for a quilt block. The blue pillow is left over fabric from a top I made a while ago. The contrasting cream fabric is muslin. The pillow cases just slip over a regular sized pillow and are easy to remove for laundering.

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