Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Fabric, Vitameatavegamin

Yesterday I received a lovely surprise in the mail. It was a package from my sister-in-law, E, from whom I was expecting a book of house plans, since hubby and I are planning to build a new house next year. Well I got the book, but she also included a couple of metres of this lovely cotton print of nastursiam leaves.

I've just finishing pre-shrinking and running it through the dryer for ten minutes and now it's hanging up to dry. It looks a tad darker in the picture because I snapped the photo while the fabric was still wet. Isn't it beautiful? I'm thinking this is going to end up being a summer top.

The next picture captures a surprise my friend, J, left for me. Like a lot of folks, my fridge is decorated with fridge magnets. Every time J visits me, she re-arranges my fridge art in some silly way. J is an artist and has a different way of seeing objects. She took my "I Love Lucy" Vitameatavegamin magnet that I got at the Lucy Desi Museum in Jamestown NY (birthplace of Lucy) and the cheapo cat magnet that I got at the buck store, and, "artfully" changed them around. Now I never notice her handiwork until several days after she's left. When I finally do notice, well, how can you help but chuckle.

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