Friday, November 9, 2007

Don't Know About This One

Hmmmm, I wonder if my plan to use pink polka dots for the face was such a good one. She looks like she's very embarrassed about her measles or something. The colours are a bit more shocking in the photo than in real life.

Other than the red face, I think it's kind of fun.

Well if you don't experiment and try different ideas, you don't learn anything, do you?


Creativehands said...

I think she's wonderful! Makes me want to try some new things! That isn't always a good thing around here. I tend to go big or go home! I like what you're doing though.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Oh, I think she's hiding something... a secret maybe, a desire to run barefoot through fields of wheat... a crush maybe, on the moon? Maybe there is a guy she finds interesting next door to her suite? haha Thank you for visiting my blog, yours is so great! May I swap links with you? I'd love to read more how you work out this relationship with pink. :) ~Monica

Scooter said...

I like Lady in Pink. I think she is lovely.
Maybe a bit shy and pensive.
My fave is the "Aztec" atc.
Could be the colours...Hmmm

Cotton Picker said...

Thank you Monica. I've just figured out how to add a link and so yours if the first one on my site. Thank you for linking me to yours.

I read a lot of blogs which I would love to include on my favourites list, but I am thinking proper Internet etiquette dictates that I ask permission first.