Friday, March 7, 2014

One Hundred Faces - #10

Today I published the 500th post on my blog.  I started back in 2007 with the intention of this being a sewing blog, but it morphed into something else.  I was going to call it "Cotton Couture."   Then I decided better to give it a broader name like "Cotton Picker" because I thought just in case I branch out into other things, the "Couture" part of the name wouldn't fit.  I knew textiles would still be the focus in one way or another.

The sewing used to part of my life in my late teens and twenties.  I sewed my whole wardrobe back in those days.  I couldn't quite get the sewing vibe back in later years.  I made a few things but that passion was lost.  If I am going to do anything along those lines now, it will be refashioning thrift store finds.  I have seen that type of clothing in boutiques.  There are certainly a lot of  possibilities for creating one of a kind, beautiful outfits. 

Interesting to take a peek back at earlier posts to see what I was doing.  I can't say I like a lot of the stuff and some of it is downright embarrassing.  I will not delete anything because it documents the creative journey and it's there if I want to look back.  I don't often look back though.

I still intend to keep my hand in textiles.  I love to pick up needle and thread and hand stitch.  Especially with music in the background.  That is really the only way I "hear" music.  I have to be doing something solitary and focused like stitching so the music can saturate my soul.

Speaking of music, I bought myself a piano last summer and have been taking lessons.  I am surprised at how much I remember from studying piano as a child.  

Lately, it's paper collage.  I am learning so much about colour, shape, texture and  placement and the goal is to paint larger canvases based on my paper "sketches".  I would simply not have seen the possibilities before playing with paper.

Below is another little paper collage I did last night.  Maybe she will the subject of one of my paintings.  :)

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