Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Hundred Faces - #12 (Snake Charmer)

We finally made the drive to our nearest Michael's arts and crafts store which is about a half hours' drive from the rural area where we live.  "We" is my husband and me.  I got to purchase my 5-pack of 16"x20" canvas boards plus a pad of paper that is suitable for oil and acrylic paints.  We also threw in a few liquid soaps that were on sale really cheap.  The total bill was $61.00.  Yikes.  Thank God I have lots of paints and brushes and all the other materials needed for my upcoming projects.  Painting can be very expensive.  I would have preferred to buy the 14"x18" canvas but that is an odd size for framing so I went for the larger size.

The best part of the day was a visit with my sister and brother-in-law who live a further 10 minutes away from the Michael's store.  All in all, a very good day.  :)

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