Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Mosaic Gift

My husband and I received a very pleasant surprise yesterday.

SURPRISE - noun - something that surprises someone; a completely unexpected occurrence, appearance, or statement.

My friend and mosaic artist, Jackie, made this very personal mosaic piece especially for us.  Our three dogs are rescues.  They came from a wonderful place in Whitby, Ontario, Canada called Lotsadogs Rescue.  

This is appropriately entitled "Dempsey Rescue" because we are the Dempseys (or as Jackie often affectionately refers to us as the Bickersons, but that's another story) and we live with rescue dogs.  Jackie used her own dog, Dash, a beagle/dachshund mix as a model.  And that is fitting as well because we look after Dash when Jackie has to go away and can't take Dash with her.  Dash is really like our fourth dog and he also came from Lotsadogs Rescue.

Jackie said she had been working on this piece on and off for over a year and always had to hide it whenever I went to her house.  I had no clue.  I greatly admire her mosaics and the patience it takes to make the kind of detailed pieces that she makes.  Sometimes the bits of china and glass are very tiny and somehow she makes it all come together.  That would drive me crazy.  

I often thought it would be nice to have one of her mosaics and now I have one.

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