Friday, March 30, 2012

ATC - Blue Jungle

Blue Jungle is an ATC made for a trade. I have five works in progress at the moment. I hope to finish at least a couple as I am joining a bunch of gals in the neighbourhood tomorrow for an artsy day. They are all mosaicists and I will be the only stitcher. :)

This little guy Nigel below is our current foster dog. You wouldn't know he's an American Eskimo dog because he's been shaved down. His owner didn't take very good care of him. When he arrived at the rescue shelter, his fur was all matted and he didn't smell too good.

He has undergone two separate surgeries with a week - one to have him neutered and the second time to yank out all his teeth. There really is no excuse for the vet not to have done both procedures at the same time, but I guess this way there's more money in his pocket. Nigel is close to 10 years old and faced greater risk from anasthesia. Whether or not Nigel pulled through the surgeries wouldn't have made any difference to the vet because either way, he gets paid.

I was happy to find out that Nigel is fine and we get to pick him up today.

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Healing Woman said...

Glad Nigel is ok..about the art day know mosaic art might really be beautiful in stitchery..especially in your cats. I think I can see one now..all mosaiced and patchworky too. Have fun! A lady from Toronto just bought some things from me today and she tells me the weather there has been wonderful..hopefully you will have a sunny day.