Friday, March 2, 2012


While staring at a printed cotton scrap from my enormous stash, what at first looked like flower petals, suddenly morphed into a pair of strange eyes. I reworked the petals into eyes and painted out the rest of the background and ended up with this weird alien looking face (no offence to real aliens). :)

Since hubby took the camera with him today, I had to scan instead of photograph. Trouble is that the scanner bed isn't big enough so I had to scan on an angle. (See top photo). I have two photo editor software programs yet this is the best I could do with the limited rotate and crop features. (See bottom photo). :(

This was fun to work on and I really think I ought to do more oddball beings.


rozemie said...

Hello, I really like the faces you put on everything. do you draw them yourself ? Especially the beautiful coloured eyes, and the very elegant little nose ! kind regards from Belgium, Rozemie

Cotton Picker said...

Thanks for visiting, Rozemie. Yes I draw the faces myself. :)