Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February is Heart Month, Right?

I believe February is heart month, so I thought I would make a few hearts. There are several meaningful events for me this month that I would like to commemorate with a stitched heart for each event - Valentine's Day, a couple of birthdays and the 5th anniversary of my mother's death.

Even though it's early, today I am posting the heart I made for Valentine's Day. This is the image I am using for my Valentine's cards. I will probably embellish it a bit more but this is as far as I got for now since I had to photograph the heart for the cards and get them in the mail in time. If I do some more work on this heart, I will post it on February 14th.

The ivory cotton has silver stars printed on it and the circle around the face is made from pink washi paper with gold tinges. The silver and gold really make this piece sparkle.

Hubby is hovering over me as I write this. He wants to know if the pink stitched lines are "heartstrings".

Groan. :( Men!!!!

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Lynn said...

He's such a "card"!