Sunday, February 20, 2011



We spent a most interesting afternoon at a local community theatre production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Hubby and I got to see the show for free because we were asked to volunteer. We handed out programs and showed folks to their seats.

Simple enough, but things never go quite like you expect them too. We were up in the balcony. First, we had to ask people if they wouldn't mind sharing programs because we didn't have enough for everybody. Second, the numbers on the seats were not well marked and so we were fumbling around with flashlights trying to get everyone seated before the curtain went up. :)

We were also told that if anyone left their seat during the performance, we had to escort them down the stairs with a flashlight. Apparently there had been previous mishaps with the stairs. Hubby got to see the whole show without interruption. I had to see three people down the stairs and so I missed a few bits.

One thing that surprised me was that nowhere in the program could I find credit given to Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice, you know, the writers of the show. Everyone else right down to the janitor got a mention. Well, no, I tell a lie. Hubby and I weren't mentioned. :)

Actually, it was pretty good. The actor who played Joseph was charismatic and energetic with a smooth voice. Actors are chameleonic as the picture in the lobby of "Joseph" wearing civilian clothes looked like an ordinary guy with a receding hairline. After the show when we were leaving the theatre, I noticed that one of the chorus girls without her Liz Taylor Cleopatra wig was in fact a middle aged gray haired woman.

That's showbiz. :)


Healing Woman said...

Good for the gray haired gal! I'm glad she performed and I'm sure no one guessed her age.

Sorry you missed some of the show. Sounds like you did your "giving" job for the month though. PS: Love that new cat..she is "sassy."

Maggie R said...

Hi Inga,
Sounds like you enjoyed MOST of the show.
What a perfect opportunity.
Love your cat.. Your work is awesome.