Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn Sun

I think this little sun ornament in autumn orange would make a good image for a Thanksgiving card. Our Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up in mid-October and I have a few American friends that I need to catch up with as well. I will have to take a better outdoor shot for the card but this is the best I could manage this morning.

The pretty orange striped fabric is from Judy Merrill-Smith. Stripes, as I have found out with a couple of my other projects (which I won't link to), can be boring and static if used as a single piece. I think it works OK here because the stripes are tiny and not obviously linear.

Currently I have another project in the works in which I also plan to use a striped fabric. In this case, I will be cutting the fabric into squares and sewing them back together with the stripes moving in different directions. It would be much quicker if my sewing machine was in order (still haven't had a chance to take it in for repairs). I'll have to stitch the squares together by hand.

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Summerset said...

Perfect autumn colors - very warm.