Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blogging For Fun

Ever since the end of our vacation in May, I have devoted much time to our business, with little to spare for crafting. In our business, the Christmas ordering has to be done at this time of year. I have actually been doing quite a bit of blogging, but on our business related blog for the benefit of our customers. Today, I finally get to add to the "fun" blog, which is of course, Cotton Picker.

I finished this kitty today. I used the same cotton a couple of years ago when I made the Goddess Doll below.

The cat image will be one of the cards I plan on selling at this years' local jazz festival.


Saskia said...

Beautiful work!

Saskia :)

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Nice work! I especially like the doll.

My job time-warps me a bit, too, since I'm always writing for events a week or a month in advance. Some days, I'm confused about what is happening NOW. ;)

Jane said...

love your Goddess doll x