Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Sister

My sister’s birthday is actually on Monday, but since we’re celebrating tomorrow, I am sending my good wishes to you, Sis, a little early. (She reads my blog).

She is two years younger than me. Every once in a while, I amuse her with some tale about “When I was your age……”

Anyway, this Floral Swirl is for you, Sis.

Happy, happy. :)


Belinda said...

Happy birthday to your sister Inga I hope you both have a lovely day. Thank you for your love and support over my Chloe dog, it meant a lot.Take care Love Belinda xxx

Dolores said...

I'm sure your sister will love it. It is quite lovely.

Healing Woman said...

Your sister will love the tribute you made to her. Oh, I would have loved to have a sister. You are both lucky.

Maggie R said...

Happy Birthday to you both,
Oh how I wished for a sister. Being an "Only" was not always that much fun!!
Love the "Swirl"