Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pinwheel Block #1

Alright then, the first block is done. It's been awhile since I cut out squares and triangles so I had to proceed slowly and try and remember how I did it before. Not quite as simple as riding a bicycle, but it came back to me. Not that it matters, because this is going to be a scrap quilt, but I did notice afterwards that the stripes are not all travelling in the same direction.

I think a scrap quilt is the only kind I could ever make. I would be so bored if I had to make a hundred blocks all the same. I love the red and grey colour combo.

This is going to end up being a pillow sham to spice up the drab beige comforter which "adorns" the guest bed.

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Jackie said...

Love your blog -- it has been a while since I visited and glad I came today as I love the pinwheel blocks you have posted. Love your cats too -- will plan to visit more often. Thanks for the great eye candy.