Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cat Number 2

Here again is the pattern I created, only this feline is facing the opposite direction from the one in my previous post. Her face is the colour of those spray tans which I think looks very nice on her. I had to go through all my Christmas fabrics to find the right colours to compliment her "tan". She sparkles with red sequins and tiny beads.

I am hoping to find time to make a few more Christmas ornaments. Hubby and I are quite busy this time of year with our British food and chocolate business. It's good that business is good and it's good that we're not stocking any chocolate (temptation) around the house. Below are some of my favourite UK imports (Aero Mint Bubbles, Walnut Whips and Cadbury Flake).


Summerset said...

Very festive kitty! What a great business - people are fond of their childhood favorites, especially if they can't get them easily.

Luuly said...

I love what you do!!! I'll visit your blog often. Greetings from France!