Friday, August 14, 2009

Wild Woman - Shopping :)

Yesterday was a great day. I have a long time, dear friend staying with me until Monday. Hubby had to go out on business in the charming Ontario tourist towns of Elora and St Jacobs and took us along with him. While he took care of business, my friend, Karin and I browsed in the shops.

These are places where you see a lot of original, one of a kind arts and crafts. Even the mass produced items are much different and far more interesting than the things you find in the large box stores, which I detest. Yesterday, shopping was fun again.

I didn’t buy a lot, just a couple of craft books that were heavily discounted. I am always keeping my eye open for a bargain and try not to spend too much on a whim.

One of the most exciting parts of our adventure was unexpectedly spotting a quilt exhibit. I got to study up close a lot of interesting textile and fibre treatments and managed to scribble a few notes to remind me later. The timing was perfect because I’m working on a couple of items that I wasn’t sure how to finish. And now I’ve got some great new ideas.

The cloth doll I bought on Etsy arrived yesterday. It always interests me to see what other doll makers do and compare their work to my own and learn a little something. I’m so isolated that I don’t get to see many dolls other than those I receive in swaps or that I can view on the Internet. Anyway, I love this Wild Woman made by Kristen Molder of Purple Lizard Studio. Isn't it great? Be sure to click on the picture for a better view.

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