Friday, June 19, 2009

We're Almost There

Our refuge from the mosquitoes, our three season room, is almost finished. It just needs an electrical hook up, some varnishing and exterior siding. We enter this space from the sliding patio door in our bedroom. The room is surrounded by glass with two screen doors on either end for ventillation. The floor is tiled.

I can sit there and enjoy a glass of wine with hubby, or a meal, or just do a little stitching and sketching. A quiet, uncluttered space to shield you from wind and rain.

Our dream of 14 years is a better reality that I could have ever have imagined.

1 comment:

Belinda said...

Hi Inga wow this looks fantastic you have done such a great job. It would be such a great place to sit and do some crafting, it would get lovely and warm in the sun too. Belinda